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Author Brandon J WrightI’ve been self employed since I was five years old when my parents gave me turkeys to raise and sell for Thanksgiving.  As a teen I had a firewood business, maple syrup sugaring and had several jobs from dairy, logging and small equipment repair.

Owning a business isn’t easy but I cannot see myself doing anything else. Now that I’m in my thirties I’ve owned 8 businesses.  Sold one, kept one, have three currently, and shut down the rest.  I’ve been through tough times and good times.  I’ve built my largest business to two and half million dollars and also downsized it to less than a million dollars in revenue with the same amount of net profit. In the end of 2008 my largest business was hit by the economy, it took me four months to react and by the time our revenue levels plateaued we were near bankruptcy.  We downsized, redesigned our business model, and fought every day to keep the doors open.  As of today we have a 11% net profit, have paid most of our debt off, have the best employee’s that we’ve ever had, and we are having fun.

Through good and bad times our family grew stronger, I’ve started over in my business career and trying to find my purpose in this world.  I’ve found that passion again, and built my businesses around that purpose.

My goal in life is to serve God, my family and my community.  The influence upon others is all that I will leave in this world so I hope that you enjoy all that I provide from my stories to the content we given you.

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About UltraClean

Ultra Clean offers a variety of services for both home and commercial environments in Boise, Meridian and the greater southwest region of Idaho. Our service areas include Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Mountain Home, Crouch, Cascade, McCall, Nyssa, Ontario and Vale. Ultra Clean is licensed in both Idaho and Oregon.

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About HudleShare is about groups sharing knowledge, resources, and ideas in a collaborative way on a weekly basis with industry peers gives individuals a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Success is built upon optimizing teams to help each other achieve their goals. We believe in building groups of people that use the power of influence to share in a non competitive environment. Through our weekly huddles we focus on current practices, new ideas, strategies, improvements, and we change the way business is done. We are Game Changers.

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