Business is all about relationships

Step 1 Develop your Top 20

80/20 RuleI believe that business is personal.  That isn’t always how I used to feel.  I used to think business is business and personal should be separate.  But then as the economy started to decline, customers changed their buying habits and my referral sources started to dry up.  I had to look at what was working and what wasn’t.  I found that the referral sources that were providing me referrals were the people that I was close to, that my relationship with them was personal.  This changed my thinking of how I did business with those I wanted to do business with.  This means I must connect with them on a personal level or we won’t establish the three foundations of doing business together which is they must like, know and trust you before they will refer you.  Here is my system on how I develop relationships that then turn into a friendship that works for both parties.

Step 1- I develop a list of my Top20, you have heard the 80-20 rule.  Identify the top 20 percent of your clients or referral sources that give you 80% of your current business.  Then identify who your dream client’s are.  Lastly, identify who you would want to do business with or get referrals from, best idea are those that already know you but don’t refer you yet.  Get their name, address, email, website, phone number, likes, interests, and hobbies.  Once you have this information you are ready to develop your system.

Step 2- is Develop your system-

Step 3- manage your system-

We will cover Step 2 and Step 3 in future blogs.

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