Business is all about relationships. Step 2- Develop your system

Develop your system. Everything is a system that you do. You may be so accustomed to doing your normal activities that you don’t realize you have developed a system for it. It’s just like getting up in the morning. I wake up, check my phone for emails, social media, shower, brush my teeth, dress, cook breakfast, pray with my wife, and then leave for work. It’s always the same routine and it doesn’t vary. In all that we do it’s our activities that become habits that will produce results. Results only come about by our behaviors and activities. So let’s talk about developing our system for building and managing our relationships of our Top20. My system is going to have four action steps that I will perform on a biweekly basis. You can use an index card or an automated system like Here is my system.

Write down on index cards, excel spreadsheet or enter into your online system your Top20. I manage about a million dollars worth of revenue based off of 36 people in my Top20. As a business owner I really don’t have time for to many more people. With 36 people it typically requires 1-2 hours a day of activity. Once you’ve entered in your contacts you now have to profile them. Look at each one and see what additional information you can about them. Look them up on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Google them. The more you know about them the better. This type of research will pay off. If you show up with some information about them rather than none, you will already be a couple months ahead of the process compared to starting with nothing. Having a profile will allow you to know them better. Lou Imbriano who is the author of Winning the Customer talks about building the profile and actually has an online sheet that is very descriptive of what your looking for. Once you have entered in your information on that individual you only need to maintain their profile as this is the majority of work up front.

Now let’s look at the action steps. How are you going to build a relationship with these individuals? Here are the four steps that I use, you can pick and choose those that pertain or add your own behaviors. I call these touches, a touch is a form of relationship building activity that I perform to become closer to the individual that I want to do business with or get referrals from.

The four basic touches are phone calls, drop by visits, personal notes and value items. As most companies just put their business development person or sales person on a route of stopping by their office on a 4-6 week rotation. This is their only relationship building activity with that individual by dropping off useless items. You can expect the time from first visiting a prospect to the time they start referring your company will be a fraction of the time it takes doing it with traditional methods by using these four activities. Now that we have identified the four activities we will cover the action steps in Step 3.

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