Let’s look at the foundation of doing business with someone or them giving us referrals.  They must know, like and trust us.  That only happens when we reach a point in a relationship that we have put forth the effort for them to get to know us, us to know them, and we have started the relationship to get a chance.  Once we have received that chance we must excel at what it is that we do and that will build the trust.  Trust can be broken and rebuilt but it is very difficult.  Let’s try to get it right the first time.  How to get a chance is the behavior that we must practice to get them to that point.  We’ve talked previously about Step 1 identifying your Top20, Step 2 which is develop your system, and now Step 3 is manage your system.  Here are the four behaviors that we use in our business with the action item needed.
Phone Call- a phone call into your prospect or client to have a quick chat of how are they, what’s going on in your world, I was just thinking about you so I called…….
Drop By- (scheduled or not scheduled) stop by, visit with your client or prospect, make it about them, get to know them, use your listening skills, use that time to help them with what they need and talk about yourself so they get to know you.
Personal Note- this is something that is rarely used anymore but when used has a personal impact upon the receiver, hand written note with a personal message will touch them
Value Item- once you identify the likes, hobbies and interests of your client or prospect then you can find an item relating to that topic to give to that individual, it could be as simple as an email about a topic of their likes, hobbies, or interests.  For example I found a Larry Bird book in my collection and gave it to a State Farm agent, just this week I noticed it in his glass case above his desk, I’ve received thousands of dollars of business worth that book many times since then.

Put all four of these activities as daily tasks for your business development or marketing reps and you will have them developing those activities into habits.  They will be developing relationships that build the foundation of doing business with another.  They must get to know, like and trust you before they will refer you.  22Touch.com is the program that we use that makes it easy, once you enter in the client or prospect, the program tells you who your going to touch and the activity each day.  There is also video tutorials to teach your people the basics of building relationships and how to develop those activities.  With our markets being as competitive as they are we all need a competitive edge and for our people to excel.  All they need to do is log in, see who they need to touch for that day.  If you don’t have an automated system make sure that your people have an index card, excel list that they are rotating their Top20 every two weeks. It may seem like every two weeks is quite frequently but breaking it up with a different activity every two weeks helps keep variety and builds the relationship beyond just a drop by visit.  Now all you have to do is do it.  Once you do it you will see results in no time.  You will also see non performing sales people getting results.  This is the backbone of my business, without it I am inconsistent with varied results which effects your cash flow and sales.  If your interested in an online version check out 22Touch.com.

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