End of Year Party

The end of year party is typically a time for the company and it’s spouses to get together for a dinner provided by the employer.  This is the time to celebrate the success of another year.  If you’ve had a tough year, then this will help you focus on being positive and what was good during that year.

Holiday PartyIt helps to acknowledge the importance of each employee and thank their spouse for supporting them.  If you are personal with your sincere acknowledgements then it will show the employee the gratitude you have for them.

When we have tough years, and are cash poor at this time, we have had pot luck dinners.  This also means that normally  bonuses are expected.  Over the last five years we’ve only handed out bonuses once.  What I try to do is a gift that personalizes for the individual.  Sometimes having funny gag gifts that is funny for everyone, and not making fun of the individual will help lighten the mood for everyone.

Have fun with your party, a small business owner must be creative with making it a fun night.  Keep it cheap and if you can’t afford it, invite them to your home for a fun night of card games and food.  A small business needs to show that it’s grateful for it’s employees, and that it survived another year.

When it comes to bonuses make sure you let everyone know that you aren’t handing them out because if you do every year then people rely on them.  I don’t hand them out since I would rather find the true celebration of the end of the year and the Christmas holiday.  Have a budget and stick to it.  Happy Holiday’s.

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