We just had Meridian Business Day at our City Hall with our focus on Leadership, Lead at all Levels.  We came up with the theme to show that regardless of where you are at in the organization that you can lead.  You can be a technician or the business owner, everybody can lead, anybody can influence.

Meridian Business Days

Meridian Business Days

We had around 200-230 people for an amazing morning of workshops.  Local speakers with each a message that we can use in our daily walk of influencing others.  The event was free, we provided coffee, breakfast drinks, and then lunch from 5 different local restaurants after the workshops were over.  I thought it was odd that we didn’t have 500 people.

Free workshops aren’t noticed when we are marketing them.  Maybe the person’s perception is that since it’s free, there isn’t value?  Or is it that we are marketing our events in a traditional manner that makes it difficult to get noticed.  Here is what I think.  People are too busy stuck in a routine of living life as it is, too busy to focus on self development.  Whether it’s free or not, doesn’t matter, it is the large percentage of people that just do what it takes to get by with the least amount of effort possible.

I believe that if you are an employee, business owner, spouse, parent or have any other type of responsibility that we should have some sort of self development program for ourselves in each of those areas.  I spend each day growing myself, in the morning I read my bible to grow my spiritual condition, during my drive to work and throughout the day I listen to books on my Iphone, and at night I read books before I go to bed.  When there is a seminar, online or attending a workshop, free or there is a cost, I will participate.  When I stop learning, that’s when I stop growing.

Spend the time to invest in yourself, and your career.  It will pay off.  Try spending money on a workshop.  You will pay for a fine dinner, drinks or your cable tv, try personal development tools.  That will already set you ahead of most of the people in the workplace.

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