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If you are married then chances are you’ve been to counseling or have been given some time of marital advice at some point to help you in your marriage.  A therapist or counselor just listens intently, focusing on both people, gives some feedback, asks some more questions. At the end of a great session most times they haven’t done much of saying but did a lot of asking.  Asking the right questions to guide the couple to identifying the communication issues and resolving the issues just seems to work themselves out as the couple get’s closer by identifying each others position.  It’s amazing, you notice how great your therapist is.  Their technique of asking you questions, guiding the conversation get’s you to where you need to go.

In business if you have a mentor, someone that you check in with, they will use the same techniques.  By asking lot’s of questions to understand the position of you and your company, your mentor will help keep you focused on what you should be focused on.  With focus you will get some  new goals that will help you solve the problems you currently have.  Getting clarity on 3-4 goals will help you focus on what it is that you should be doing.

Many times we get stuck in our comfort zone.  Having a mentor we are reminded that we own our business, and that our success is up to us.  My mentor helps me define what it is that I need to work on, and then the strategy to accomplish that goal.  Everyone needs a coach, if you want results then hire a mentor.

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