This world is full of everything that looks and acts the same.  Want to stick out of the crowd, be yourself.  Each person in their natural state is unique.  When you are the same person at work as you are at home your strengths will be maximized which increases performance.  As I work my program of self development one thing I look at is my natural behavior and my adaptive behavior.  My natural behavior is how I act or react in my natural state which is typically how I normally act.  My adaptive behavior is how I am at work or in stressful situations that would change or alter my natural state.

To identify yours take a DISC profile.  My friend Craig Jamieson with can send you the link.  It’s worth the $90.  You will see after asking you the questions through the assessment how each of your behaviors fall into what category.  You will learn more about yourself through this assessment then any other tool I’ve seen.  On the items that you think are wrong or incorrect have your spouse, or parents look at those and see what their response is.  You may be surprised, my wife shared my assessment with my Mom and said “that’s Brandon to the point”.

BullseyeIdentify your strengths, and use those in all areas of your life.  Focus on being unique and comfortable with yourself.  The more that you are the more attractive you will be which helps you in your success in all areas.  Boring is exactly that, boring.  Be unique and someone that will be remembered.

Look at those that are acting as themselves that have made a name for themselves.  The guys on Duck Dynasty act as they do even when the camera’s aren’t around.   Look at Lady Gaga, she expresses her creative side which helps promote her brand.  Now look at those around you, the confident and motivated guy who is always working, helping others, always seems to be happy, he looks like he has a great life.  He’s comfortable with his natural behaviors, he is who is he is, and people around him either accept it or not.  To him it doesn’t matter.

Focus on your program of self development.  Get the DISC profile, have your spouse take it also.  It will help you identify how to better communicate and to understand each other.  Be unique, be different, be proud of who you are.

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