Have you ever walked into a public place, a store, a restaurant and just felt alone?  Did you wonder why everyone was preoccupied with whatever they were doing rather than acknowledging those around them?  Have you ever noticed something that someone was doing and admired them for what they were doing was above and beyond, but didn’t say anything and wished you had?

There is something about saying hi to a stranger.  I workout in a gym 6 times a week in several different gyms.  Typically I don’t know most of the people.  I do try to acknowledge the other people working out.  It’s almost as if it’s a rule not to make eye contact.  I noticed my friend Derek acknowledge each person and the difference it made in each person.  They went from no eye contact to casual conversation and friendly.  I saw how this helps the atmosphere become more enjoyable for everyone.

Make a DifferenceAnother time I experienced a young 20 year old trainer helping her client that was extremely overweight.  She looked at her in the eye, kept telling her how good she doing, and spent the time to instruct her on each exercise.  She would even crouch down to be below her so that as the ladies head was down they could still maintain eye contact.  This young lady did this naturally.

As I was leaving I made mention to her that I noticed how she interacted with her client.  I told her that I admired how she communicated with her client and motivated her, I could tell that it was genuine.  I ended it with “you really do make a difference in her workout, keep up the good work”.  She thanked me for the kind words, and I could tell it made her day.  I also know that when I’m working out there her motivation comes from helping those that she makes a difference in.  I wonder who else recognizes her personality and how she makes a difference.

The natural effect upon me recognizing other people and the good things that they do does something to me.  It raises my spirit and makes me feel good.  By practicing this it helps me focus on finding the good in others.  This really helps when your going through tough times, because life is more about helping others than just things like money.  If you want to make a difference in someone else’s life, even a stranger, recognize something special about them.  You will make a difference in their life and yours, so just try it.

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3 Responses to Make a Difference

  1. Jim Guy says:

    I tell my daughter this, if you say hello or pay one small compliment a day to some one you know or better don’t know each day. By the end of the year you’ve touched over 300 lives in some way. And, will never
    know that a few a those touches really made a difference. Call it karma or what goes around comes around
    it will make a positive difference. I also say, can you do this some days several times. And, if others follow your lead – – – the difference is clear! J Like the blog Brandon and all your efforts to reach out

    • Jim, it’s people like you that teaches kids proper values and ethics. These kids with great parents like yourself are the one’s that change the world for the better. I like how you’ve put the one small act today practiced each day becomes many acts over time. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Angela says:

    I enjoyed the read and appreciate your attitude and insights. God Bless!

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