There are slow times that we’ve all experienced that scare the heck out of us.  We can’t explain why we’ve gone into a slump of lacking sales.  Our marketing department is doing the same thing that typically will bring in leads, we are keeping in touch with our referral sources.  There’s no reason for the slow sales.  Regardless of why, we need sales now.  Here is what I do when we reach that point every few months.

Finding New BusinessJust like when you start a business you need to reach out to those you know the best.  Get on the phone, and call your best referrals sources.  A phone call is a nice, quick simple tool that can give you big results.  Call those that you know personally and those that give you the majority of work.  Each time I’ve done this it works.

People need to be reminded of you and what it is that you do.  Those that like you want to help you.  You just need to be on the top of their mind.  They will come across someone who needs your services and since you’ve refreshed them with your presence then they will refer you.  Keep calling people until you get enough business.  Then after you’ve called those closest to you, call those that know you but don’t typically give you work.

Everything here is timing.  If you tell people what you want, it will be provided for you.  Unfortunately these slumps are tough.  We need to make sure our mind is thinking positive thoughts when we make our phone call.  If we are negative or are experiencing fear then people will sense that.  Be positive, get on the phone, and start getting business coming in through your door.  It takes work but that’s what we need to do during slow times.

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