Networking is a tool for any type of person in business.  It is crucial that regardless of what business you are in that you should attend at least one network event a week.  You don’t have to be a salesperson or a business owner to network, anybody can do it.  Here are some reasons why everybody should have at least one networking event they attend.

  • getting out into a group of people you don’t know will help you build connections
  • attend for awhile and you will become a regular
  • you can work on your public speaking
  • meeting new people will allow you to be introduced to new people, connections and who they know
  • presenting your company, your sales pitch, and working on your message clarification will help you become a better presenter
  • networking with the right group will get you connected
  • you can make a name for yourself
  • build your own community by growing your circle of influence
  • getting leads and other non public information before others is always shared at networking events
  • you will generate customers that can use your product or services
  • listen to public trends and hear about your own companies brand perception

Networking can help you in many ways.  Pick an event that you can attend on a regular basis.  Spend the time to focus on one event, maximize the time to get an know others in the group.  Meet new people at the event, work on building the relationship outside of the event.  Find out who they know, get connected, introduced, and build your circle of influence.  Networking helps get you out of the office and into the real world.  Try it.

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