I just recently had an experience at a public business that made me think about how I am at work and when I’m not.  I was working out at a local gym who has multiple locations and needed help with a certain lift and couldn’t find the machine.  I asked one of the trainers that was working out at the time.  When I asked her, she turned her shoulders to snub me off, and shook her head as if to say, don’t bother me.  I understand she was on her own time working out but as someone that is an employee of that fitness gym she still represents that gym.  Not to mention her own brand and character of who she is, and now my perception of her.  This really made me think about how I am, of course we can pick out someone else’s faults but at the same time be guilty ourselves.

I remember a time about 6 years ago, someone asked to talk to me at a networking event that I was hosting, I quickly said I’m busy right now, let’s talk later and rushed off.  I remember thinking, I was quick and didn’t give him that time that he deserved, even if it was a few seconds. I felt like I wasn’t respectful to him.  That was 6 years ago and I still feel guilty because I don’t know who that was and can’t make amends to them.  Their one experience with me probably was that I’m a jerk.  That’s not how I wanted to be perceived by people so that was a lesson learned.

Rude.Now let me tell you how I feel after this experience with her.  I don’t like her now, she didn’t give me the time of day, I wouldn’t refer her anyone since I know she’s not friendly and every time I see her I will remember her rudeness.  Classic case of a brief 5 second interaction that was negative.

Now here is the opposite, same industry just a different atmosphere.  My trainer is Jon Buettner which he and his wife Shawna own in Nampa called Big Jon Fitness.  I’ve worked out there at the same time as their trainers when they are working out.  They get in the zone, pushing reps and sweating it out.  Each time I ask them a question they help me.  The atmosphere in the gym is friendly and being in a gym that is the type of culture of helping its warm and friendly.

Feeling welcome at a fitness gym is unique.  They’ve done a great job of making it enjoyable and fun.  When it’s friendly you develop relationships and enjoy going.  I have lost over 50 pounds over the last year and a half and many people have been amazed at my transformation.  I constantly get asked, how did you do it?  Then they ask for a referral.  Who do you think I refer?  It pays to be on guard at all times of your character.  Working or not, people get to know you, and if you are not professional outside of work, those that do business with you will notice and it will affect your reputation.   Most people won’t say anything and you don’t even know anything happened.

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