For SaleCreate some quick cash during tough or slow times.  In 2008 and 2009 after I would meet payroll there was nothing left for me.  So in order to feed my family we started selling items that we never used on Craigslist.  There were times that earning $20 or even $300 would buy dinner and groceries for my family.  Selling these items that we’ve had over the years I found was pretty easy, there were things that I thought I always wanted to keep but it felt good to let it go.

Our original shop was 10,000 sq-ft so when we downsized to 4,500 sq-ft we had a lot of office supplies, construction materials, chairs, desks, tools, and the list goes on.  There is nothing you can’t sell on Craigslist.  Now that we are changing our business model again, becoming more mobile and cutting down on the space we need (which is cutting overhead, costs saved goes to the bottom line of profit) we don’t need everything we have.

When you take an item and put it out for a discounted price to get rid of it, you are creating cash for your company.  You are also letting go of an item that at one point you thought you needed.  It feels good to let go, you understand that other things in life are more important than materials.  We also started at home, cleaning out items we didn’t need or use.  What you will find is that you are in a home or office that is larger than what you need.  In commercial space you pay for the sq-ft you lease, so if you don’t need as much, get a smaller place and cut costs.

Here is how to start:

  1. Gather all the items you want to sell.
  2. Look again at the items you don’t use, or only once in awhile, and sell those too.
  3. Photograph each item.
  4. Label each photograph with a description and a price.
  5. Post on Craigslist or if it’s a larger item like a phone system then possibly Ebay.
  6. Make sure you list how you want to be contacted and who, I used my cell phone for calls or text, most people like to text.  Some items you may someone in your office that is more available.
  7. Be prepared for negotiation, know your bottom price.  Seniors and younger adults don’t ask for discount and just pay full price.  Others want the deal of the century.
  8. Many people text and never show up, so sell to whoever comes first.  Many people talk, say I have the cash but then never show up, so sell to who first comes.
  9. Hang onto the cash, use that for yourself, a company party to boost morale, or whatever you want to do but don’t claim it as income and have to pay taxes on it again.
  10. Then just repeat and keep letting go.
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