Just recently we had one of our vans totaled in an accident.  This is how we handled the situation.  Our technician was rear ended by someone not paying attention.  The first thing we did was to call the police to file a report.  The police came, we swapped insurance information, and as our Operation’s Manager arrived we documented with pictures of the vehicles and the scene.

Ultraclean VanWe then drove the van to our body shop of choice Park’s Royal Body Shop.  Then we brought our technician to Primary Health to be checked out.  With backlash and muscles tightening in his neck and back our main priority is to get him taken care of.  We filed a workman’s compensation claim so that his medical expenses will be covered.  They put him on  a light duty which we hired a temporary worker to help with lifting.  Through chiropractic care and proper work duty we are slowly getting him back into original physical condition.

Now our company is down a vehicle which needs to be replaced.  Make sure that you inventory each item in the vehicle for damage.  Also external items like trailer towing package, vinyl decals, and other items that you will have to put on your next vehicle.  Start getting bids for comparable vehicle so that you know how much the real cost will be.  Then also keep track of your labor of everyone including the temporary worker that had to help our technician.  Any expenses forced upon us should be paid by the insurance company.

Submit those expenses, ask for full reimbursement.  Our labor was calculated at what we would be charging a customer because he would have been making money if we weren’t messing around trying to coordinate and the necessary appointments.  Now that you have a list of all expenses make sure you don’t settle for anything other than full value.

InsuranceWe started researching vehicles of finding what we needed to replace our vehicle that is like, kind and quality.  Once we found what we wanted to buy we then told the insurance adjuster what we wanted to pay.  Of course they want to lowball, and pay a lower price but that is just a normal tactic.  We didn’t ask for this accident and we aren’t settling for a lower value vehicle.  Once you come to agreement they will ask you to sign a release of liability.  Sign it, get your check then go purchase your new vehicle.

Make sure when you are in an accident that you take care of your liability, employee, and focus on getting back into production.  Get fairly compensated so that you won’t be out of pocket any expenses.  Photos, research, doctor reports, and detailed documentation is the key.  Know your rights and if you need one, hire an attorney for advice on your rights.

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